Photo Mirror

Photo Mirror includes two Web apps. Photo Mirror: Webcam Tool - an online photo booth and a digital mirror. Photo Mirror: Editor - a web tool to apply a mirror effect to your pictures.

Your pictures, information about your webcams and images captured are NOT transferred outside your computer and NOT stored online. Photo Mirror is a client-side application. This means that once the page is loaded, you can work with Photo Mirror even if Internet connection goes down.

Photo Mirror: Webcam Tool

Photo Mirror: Webcam Tool is a free web application for taking photos with your webcam. It is also useful as a way to check your hair. Includes a lot of amazing fun real-time webcam effects. The app is optimized for use on desktop and mobile devices. You can use it anywhere: at home, at work, at your friend's house, on the go, in a meeting, at the cafe, anywhere that there is an internet connection.

Some effects are demanding in terms of computer resources. Therefore, using these effects can slow down (in some cases, very) the application.

If more than one camera is available, in the settings of some browsers you can select which camera to use.

Photo Mirror: Editor

Photo Mirror: Editor is an easy web tool to apply a mirror effect to your photos and pictures directly online in one click. You can flip images vertically, horizontally and add a reflection. Just select a photo on your computer or enter an URL. Also, you can adjust some settings as you wish.